Project 88- Women winning!

Sree Goswami, Project 88

Project 88- Women winning!

The arts are a very sparse space where women sit on the throne. Even in India, when we look at the gender ratio of gallerists, the women weigh in much higher.

One of the most cutting edge contemporary galleries is Project 88 in Mumbai, helmed by Sree Goswami. She is a second generation gallerist, with her mother directing Galerie 88 in Calcutta. The reason we put her in the spotlight is her entire season of 2015-16 has had a major showcase of women artist. This wasn’t planned, but it just turned out so, with a majority of her artists being women.

It started with Prajakta Potnis’s When the wind Blows, (which is still running), which is going to be followed by a solo of Hemali Bhuta, and then Neha Choksi!

Also, they’ve had Rohini Devasher’s exhibition Archaeologies of the future: Chaos and Coincidence in Delhi, and a great showcase of Risham Syed in Dhaka, Delhi and Dubai in group presentations.

It’s not like the men were ignored, but they didn’t have the dessert this season, and no one is complaining!

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