Trend Alert: Ruffles


Trend Alert: Ruffles

The recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016 brought, as always, the very best of Indian fashion. This year saw the emergence and re-emergence of a number of trends – one of them being ruffles. Seen on the ramp in collections by Gauri & Nainika, ruffles are one of the trickiest styles to pull off. If you want to be with it and wear the season’s latest trend but are not sure how to, fret not. Here we show you how to pick ruffles for your body shape and what to pair them with to look trendy and stylish.

Wear ruffles with structured pieces
It’s a myth that ruffles can make you look larger than you are or overtly feminine. If worn the right way, they can give you a form-fitting, delicate look. Remember, though, to pair them with simple, structured pieces to avoid an overwhelming look.

Avoid wearing ruffles around areas of your body you’re conscious about
No, it’s not about making you look larger – ruffles automatically draw attention and you don’t want people focusing on your well-endowed bust area, stubby legs or any other part that is less than flattering.

Summer is the best time to wear ruffles
Ruffled tops and dresses are usually airy and loose, and made of breathable fabric. This makes ruffles the ideal style to wear during the city’s humid summer, whether it’s in the form of dress, skirt or loose blouson. Wear it to a night out, a yacht party or a sundowner – you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Rough up those ruffles
You don’t have to look uber-feminine when wearing ruffles. Contrast it by pairing a ruffled skirt with a crew-neck, a ruffled dress with chunky trainers, or a ruffled top with sleek pencil pants.

Ruffles make for great accessories
If you’re unsure and not completely confident of carrying off a ruffled piece of clothing, don’t worry – you can still be on trend by toting a cool ruffled accessory. Try wearing ruffles on your shoes – we’ve seen some great ruffled sandals and high-tops out in the stores. A ruffled scarf is another way to add that extra pizzazz to your look. Scour the streets of Colaba or Bandra and you might just find what you need.

You can even carry a ruffled handbag to carry on the season’s trend. Keep in mind, however, that the rest of your outfit should be simple with no bright prints to keep the bag the highlight of your look. Lastly, wear a ruffled jacket along with a simple outfit to add that extra spunk to your look.

Happy shopping!


Photo Credit: Gauri & Nainika’s ruffled fashion.
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Ruffles top
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Ruffles bag
Ruffles shoes
Ruffles shoes
Ruffles scarf
Ruffles scarf


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