The hottest hairstyles of 2016

Hairstyles for 2016

The hottest hairstyles of 2016

It’s a new year and summer’s round the corner for us. So if you’ve been longing to change your look but not been sure how, we have the solution. The easiest, coolest and most fun way of changing your look is to change your lob. And 2016’s hair trends are those that you can easily replicate in the city with the help of your favourite hairstylist. Wondering where to go to get your new style? We’ve handpicked a list of the city’s best hairstyling studios for you. So book that appointment now and pick from one of the year’s hottest haircuts.

The fringe
Yes, the fringe is back, and how. A style that suits most women (unless you have an unusually narrow forehead), the fringe can at one look casual (leave the hair open and wear your favourite tee and jeans) or classy (by tying the rest of the hair up in a bun and wearing it with a gown). Get it with a twist, though – like these ladies have below.


The bob
Summertime in Mumbai means unbearable heat and copious amounts of sweat. Beat them with an uber-chic bob cut that will make heads turn. We know, we know – the men in your life disapprove. But these versions are just so cute (not to mention comfortable) that we challenge them to dislike them. Plus, the magic phrase—low-maintenance—that brings a smile to every girl’s face.


Psst: This longish bob cut is the perfect balance of length and style.


Choppy Layers
Layers have been around for years, but their choppy versions are guaranteed head-turners. If you like your long hair but the volume is weighing them down, this is a great option to add some spunk to your otherwise boring look. We’ve seen just about everyone –from Jessica Alba to Emma Stone—go for this look and look drop-dead gorgeous. Besides, the cut-down in volume will make you feel light and fresh all day long in the summer months.


Long in the front, short at the back
If you truly want to make a splash and show that you’ve arrived on the scene, this cutting-edge hairstyle is just the thing for you. It consists of the opposite of what you’ve always done – with an edgy, short behind and longish, wavy hair in the front. Try if you dare!


Note: The right hairstyle depends on a number of factors, including hair texture, face cut, body shape, style of dressing and ethnicity. We suggest you trust your hairstylist’s advice before making any drastic decisions.

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