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Sanjay Divecha and Secret

Sanjay Divecha and Secret I’ve seen many unique performances at the Blue Frog stage in Mumbai. One memorable gig I witnessed was performed on the pubs concrete floor usually occupied by patrons. It was at this event that I first heard one of India’s premier names in Jazz and fusion music, Sanjay Divecha perform alongside […]

Naama Choonawala playing live
Know Your Musician: Naama Choonawala (Drums)

I first heard Naama play at a college festival audition back in 2009. I recall the text I sent to a fellow musician friend, “Joe, we’re auditioning for the band event this year. I don’t know who’ll play bass with us, but I’ve found us a drummer.”

The Rhythm House Team
Farewell Rhythm House

Farewell Rhythm House Founded by Mr. Sulaiman Nensy in the 1940’s, SoBo music hub Rhythm House’s ownership changed and was passed down to Mr. Mehmood Curmally from his father, who owned it in partnership with his brothers after Mr. Nensy. Mr. Curmally spent his spare time during his years at Sydenham College to visit the store. […]

Satori – Music for Bliss

Satori is a wide platform for study research and practice on various forms of music and sound energy based on ancient Indian sciences Their work covers a broad spectrum of