Science fiction in your kitchen

Science fiction in your kitchen

Science fiction in your kitchen 

Imagine you had a machine that cleaned your house, set the table, made dinner, and found time to compliment you on a good hair day. It sounds like a robot straight out of The Jetsons, but is actually not that far away from being a reality.

The world of robotics is fascinating and humbling. Robots can carry out deep-sea rescue operations, scan distant planets and keep track of how many steps you’ve taken in a day. They operate cinema reels and drop bombs on enemies.

So, naturally, somebody looked at this list of accomplishments and decided that robots were definitely smart enough to wash your dishes for you. Let’s take a look at a few robots that could enter the mainstream real soon.

FURo-i for web

The FURo-i Home Robot comes from Korean company, Future Robot. The FURo retails for about $1,200, and offers 4 modes, including one that lets you look around your home, one that lets you chat with your family, one that plans your day and another that lets you control your home devices. The robot also features a security function to keep your home safe while you’re asleep or away.

The Budgee Robot

The Budgee
Five Elements Robotics have designed the Budgee with the aim to revolutionise the human robot relationship. The Budgee is a ‘reasonably-priced’ robot assistant that’ll walk behind you and carry all the things you are too lazy to. Besides this, it’ll greet you warmly when he is turned on, and will warn you when his battery is getting low. The Budgee is operated by a joystick on your smartphone or tablet.

Agent 007

Agent 007
Soon we won’t have to worry about leaving our houses unattended, thanks to the Agent 007 patrol bot. The robot acts as a security camera on wheels. The camera senses motion and comes with a function that lets you immediately report activity to the police. The bot is autonomous, so there is no chance anyone can get in unnoticed. Besides this, it can also serve your guest drinks.

iRobot-Roomba-3Stage-Cleaning for web

The Roomba
The  vacuum cleaner has taken over most households in the US already. The device can scan a room, identify floor space and then clean it, travelling over floors in a zig-zag pattern. The Roomba can also be scheduled to clean your house at a particular time of the day.

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