How to protect your skin while playing Holi

Holi- The festival of colour

How to protect your skin while playing Holi

We know you’re excited about Holi being round the corner. No other festival brings such fun, frolic and excitement as the festival of colours. But in between all that fun, don’t forget that the colours can wreak havoc on your sensitive skin and hair. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you don’t play or even that you stick to dry colours; just follow our simple rules and your skin and hair will escape unscathed. PS: Be gentle to yourself by using organic colours instead of harsh chemical ones. Your skin will thank you for it.


Olive oil

It’s oil good
We’re not one to recommend oil to just about anybody, but during Holi this is very much required to prevent damage to the skin and hair. Yes, this works even if you have oily skin and/or hair. To keep the harmful effects of Holi colours at bay, start by oiling your hair the previous night. This forms a layer on your hair so that the colour doesn’t seep into the roots. Take your pick from coconut, almond, olive and mustard oil. Repeat this process in the morning just before you go out to play to leave your locks in their original pristine condition.

Coconut, mustard, olive and almond oil work just as well on the skin. However, if you’re absolutely not the oil kinds, you can also use cold cream (Pond’s or Nivea will do just fine). Remember to pay special attention to your cuticles to avoid your nails from getting coloured.


(Waterproof) Sunscreen is your best friend
Yes, we know you’ve applied oil or cold cream, but you need to top it off with a generous amount of waterproof sunscreen. Most Holi parties are out in the open without a protective covering and involve copious use of water, so there is a good chance your skin may get burnt or tinted without the application of sunscreen.

Drinking water


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
The combination of the sun and Holi colours means that you and your skin get dehydrated very fast. Add to this alcohol and bhaang and you have a recipe for disaster. To avoid this, ensure you drink water from time to time.



Ditch the soap
Cardinal rule: never use soap on your skin once you’re back from playing Holi. This will further dry out and worsen your skin. Instead, use a mild cleanser or scrub. Or slather on some more oil and wait for 15-20 minutes before you get in the shower. Most colours are oil soluble and will come off faster if you apply oil on your skin and hair. You can also rub lemon, a natural bleaching agent, on your skin to get rid of the colour faster.


Use natural products
We’d suggest you use natural face and/or body packs to lessen the impact of the Holi colours. A paste of equal amounts of papaya, lemon juice and milk powder can work wonders for the face, and you can use a mild shampoo and conditioner on your hair, followed by a mixture of yogurt and oil.

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