Make Everyday Fathers Day!

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Make Everyday Fathers Day!

Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Friendship Day, Fathers Day, etc. I make it my life mission to stay away from them all because I refuse to be drawn into corporate commercialisation of the basic emotion of ‘Love’! All these are just gimmicks to increase sales – to lure us into putting our hands into our pockets and buy things we don’t need. Absolutely senseless, but in today’s faced paced-stressed-out-world this is how we try to compensate for all those late nights at the office, all those missed family functions and all that precious time that we didn’t get to spend with our loved ones. Can one card or box of chocolates or ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug make up for all this?

We let ourselves believe so. But it’s time to burst that bubble with the pin called reality! Let’s not commercialise Love. Let’s make each day special. Yes, I know that sounds corny ( and like a line from a Hallmark card!), but it can be done and you will be Parent of the Year – everyday :). Here is how you earn that title.

Set some time aside:

Reading hour with kids

In a recent article Rutger Bregman (author of Utopia for Realists: The Case for a Universal Basic Income, Open Borders and a 15-hour Workweek) tells us that working less is the solution to almost all the world’s problems! ( Yes, right from Climate Change to Gender equality!) How we wish it were that simple! He made some really valid points, some of which you and me are already familiar with but just don’t get down to doing. Yes, that super urgent email has to go out and that call has to be made and that message has to be replied to add your kids on that list too! I have to spend time with my kids everyday – say this like a mantra. Make time for them no matter what your day looks like, what’s the point of working so hard when you can’t be with the most important people in your life?

Do little everyday things:

father feeding daughter

It’s the little things that matter. The small everyday stuff that we take for granted as part of a monotonous routine. Yes, the big vacations are memorable, but when you think back in time often it’s the small traits of a person that stand out the most. For example, for some strange reason after we washed our hair, it was our father who dried it for us! Always! I wonder why?! But that is such a strong childhood memory. Do little things with your kids, even though you may have someone to do them for you, even though they might be really basic.

Listen to your Kids:

Father and son talking

Yes, it can get a little exasperating with little ones constantly going “Mom? Dad? ” every five minutes, but take that time out and connect with your little ones. Talk to them about their day, tell them about yours. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learnt in just one conversation! You don’t always have to do something exciting with your kids for them to enjoy hanging out with you – you just have to focus on being able to communicate with them, to understand their concerns and struggles.

Laugh :

Father and child laughing

No amount of laughing is enough! The tired satisfaction after a good giggling fit with your kids is irreplaceable! We all know how good it is for us, but somehow we land up doing so little of it!

Make some ‘me’ time:

Me time-running

I always say Happy Parents = Happy Children. So give yourself some importance and time, listen to what your body needs, go for that run, read that book.

So go one, earn that title – for yourself and your children. For, it’s not the landmark (or rather Hallmark!) days that matter as much as what goes on in between!


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