Lace – How To Wear The Hottest Trend Of 2016

Lace worn in different ways

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You’ve seen it on runways, on your favourite stars as they sashay elegantly down the red carpet, even on page 3 party photos—but lace is something you just don’t know how to wear. Somehow when they wear it it looks elegant and classy, but when you do it looks unflattering, matronly and just plain bad. With lace being one of 2016’s top trends, everyone from Proenza Schouler to Celine is giving it a nod. And right now is the perfect time to show your love for it. We show you how to wear this tricky look and carrying it off fashionably.

Don’t go see-through if you aren’t confident of pulling it off
Yes, peekaboo lace dresses and tops look gorgeous on some, but if you don’t have the confidence to pull them off you’ll just look uncomfortable and plain ol’ unfashionable. There is a way to wear lace without exposing your bra or your thong – simply wear a solid-colouredcami or slip inside. Make sure that the cami or slip is closest to the colour of your top/skirt though – you don’t want it to distract from your pretty lace clothing.


Go easy on the jewellery
Lace is a delicate, feminine fabric that should be the star of the show. By overloading on the jewellery, you’ll just come across as trying-too-hard. Stick to one piece of jewellery – whether it’s a necklace or earrings – but be sure not to do both. Save those chunky, pretty baubles for your neutrals instead.


Cover it up
If you must go see-through but don’t want to go all the way, cover up your delicate lace top with a solid jacket or blazer so there’s just enough on display to show your sexiness. A skirt lined with lace inside will do just fine too.


Contrast it
For an edgy, fashion-forward statement, pair your feminine lace outfit with a faux leather jacket or boots (you don’t want to die of heat in Mumbai, after all). Wear leggings to set off the delicacy of your lace dress or carry a bag with metallic studs. Top it off with a thick line of kajal or eyeliner.


Highlight your best feature
Lace can be a tricky fabric to pull off – but if done right it can totally flatter you. Make sure you pick a lace outfit that flatters your best feature. So if you have a narrow waist, pick a dress that accentuates it. If you have shapely legs, go for lace shorts or miniskirts to draw attention to your pins.



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2 comments on “Lace – How To Wear The Hottest Trend Of 2016”

    Alex Jeweler

    And what about silver vs golden jewelry. What about it this year?

      Annika P

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for writing in! Both gold and silver jewellery are classic and timeless, so it entirely depends on your outfit. We will be doing a story soon on what kind of outfits to wear gold jewellery with and which ones to wear silver with. Tune in to Mumbainet and keep reading. Cheers!

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