Every Mumbai girl’s go-to look: how to nail the sneakers with dresses trend

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Every Mumbai girl’s go-to look: how to nail the sneakers with dresses trend

As a Mumbai girl, we’re sure you’ve noticed how impractical it is to wear heels in the city – especially when you intend to walk around a fair bit. The uneven footpaths and roads are completely unsuitable for wearing any kind of heel and avoid falling down or hurting your back – which is why sneakers are your best here.

But we hear your complaints – you can’t be wearing sneakers with your dresses and skirts, especially if it is a formal outfit, right? Wrong! The sneakers with dresses trend is real and we’re going to show you exactly how you’re going to rock it in Mumbai, no matter what kind of sneakers you have in your closet.

Yes, it’s time to keep those dainty heels for clubbing and nights out – the sneaker with dresses trend if here to stay. Read on to know more.

1. Converse sneakers

We love ourselves some Converse with our jeans. But these versatile sneakers can be used to dress up your delicate, feminine outfits, too. Still not sure? See some examples below.



2. Sporty sneakers

We’re sure you have at least one pair of these in shoe box – they are a must to wear to the gym. But here’s a secret. You can pair them up with your favourite dresses and skirts to create some cool looks. Here’s a sneak peek below.



3. High-top sneakers

The trend of this decade, high-tops look fabulous when paired with mini dresses and skirts – think as a replacement for those boots you can’t wear in the balmy Mumbai weather. Some ideas below.



4. Pop-coloured sneakers

Pair your pop-coloured sneakers with either a contrasting outfit or a fully complementing one. Here are some ways you can wear them.


5. Metallic sneakers

You’ve got to have been living under a rock if you’ve been unaware of the metallic shoes trend sweeping the fashion industry. This has also made its way to sneakers and you can seriously funk up your outfit with a pair of metallic ones. Some examples are below.



6. Vans sneakers

Vans give a sporty vibe to your feminine dress and are superbly on trend this season. You can get them in muted colours such as black, white and grey or bright, pop-py ones. Here’s how you can wear them.


7. Printed sneakers

Prints don’t have to be a part of only your clothes – they look uber chic on your sneakers as well and can instantly brighten up a dull outfit. Checks, animal print, multiple colours – go wild with your imagination. And no, you don’t have to wear them with monochromes only – here are some examples of what we mean.



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