Yoga On The Turf


Yoga on the turf with Jenil Dholakia

When we practice Yoga in the outdoors, we can start to really sense a connection with nature, humanity and ourselves.

Session 1: Yoga stretches & joint movements
Session 2: Surya Namaskar
Session 3: Yoga for increasing flexibility
Session 4: Yoga for strength
Session 5: Stress Relieving Yoga
Session 6: Balancing Yoga
Session 7: Nature Yoga
Session 8: Twist with Yoga
All classes will have Pranayama, Meditation & Relaxation.

Rs. 2500/- for 8 sessions
Rs. 400/- per session

Who can join this class?
Beginners: Never done yoga? Perfect – this is the time to start your journey.
Intermediate level students: Advance in your journey through a systematic approach towards yoga.

What to bring?
A Yoga mat, wear comfortable clothes and carry your enthusiasm and open-mindedness to the class.

How to register?
1) If you want to sign up for all 8 sesions, you can register by clicking on tickets or this link:
2) If you want to sign up for less than 8 sessions inbox UACTIV your name, number, email and which session you would want to attend.