Workshop: Drone Making – Build and Fly Your Drone


Ever imagined making your own drone?
In fact, the idea of flying surveillance cameras, robotic companions and even unmanned aircraft carrying supplies around the planet is swiftly becoming mainstream. So much that there are rules and regulations being put in place to monitor the high level of activites taking place in the domain.

To get you started with drones, we bring to you this workshop.

Things you’ll learn in the workshop:

1. Mechanics of flying vehicles
-Stable systems vs unstable systems
-State / Degrees of freedom
-State: Position / Orientation, d/dt of various state parameters / beyond d/dt (e.g. d 2 /dt 2 )
-How does propeller work: Change thrust by speed/ angles, Types of aerial vehicles
-Aeroplanes: Why is Aeroplane stable, Is man a stable / unstable systems?
-Multirotors: Types and Functions of sensors and computers, Quadrotors, Bicopters, Helicopter

2. Hardware of Quadcopter
Motor: Brushed / Brushless / Servo Motor, Parameters of Motor, PWM
Propellers: How does a fan / propeller works
ESC: Terminals of motors / Parameters of ESC
Battery: Types of batteries, Why LiPo / Parameters of LiPo
Auto Pilot

3. The Autopilot
Open Source firmware
Structure of the code

Activities during the workshop:

1. Frame creation
-Getting the perfect shape
-Importance of having the perfect shape
-Building the frame

2. Motor Mounting
-Mounting the motors
-Aligning motors to optimal orientation

3. Prop balancing
-What is prop wash
-Why Prop balancing essential
-How to balance props

4. Auto‐pilot hacking
-Understand the code
-The algorithm
-How PWM works
-Control motor speed and direction with your code
-Gains tuning with your code

5. Connecting Android phone to the quad
-App required
-Playing with the app

6. Flying tasks
-The flying begins
-Simple tasks to master flying

Materials provided:
Participants will be provided the entire drone kit for the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the students will have the option of returning the drone or keeping it with them for a small additional price. Participants who are interested in keeping the drone that they build during the workshop, can do so by paying Rs. 4,500/- to Drona Aviation.

21st May 2016 (Saturday)
11 AM – 8 PM

Age Limit:
15 years and above

About your instructors:
Drona Aviation is a SINE IIT Bombay incubated robotics company started by three IITians with the vision of designing and developing products and providing services in the aerospace domain.

1. Prasanna Shevare – Cofounder, Drona Aviation
He has an extensive experience in building drones, planes as well as underwater gliders and has won awards in competitions world over. These include International competition for underwater gliders, Madrid, Spain; IMAV, Toulhouse, France and MICAV, DRDO, Bangalore among others.

2. Dinesh Sain – Cofounder, Drona Aviation
Dinesh is an IIT Bombay alumnus. He graduated with a B. Tech. in Aerospace Engineering in 2014. He has significant experience in building fixed wing planes and RC hovercraft and has won awards in competitions across India.

3. Apurva Godbole – Cofounder, Drona Aviation
Apurva is an IIT Bombay alumnus who graduated with B. Tech in Civil Engineering in 2008. He heads the business side of Drona Aviation.

Cost per head:
INR 1500