Turandot – Puccini

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An NCPA-The Metropolitan Opera (New York) Presentation

An ancient fable, orginating in Persia however being set in China explores the story of a princess so desired by men who rode from all corners and creeks of the world to share their love for her.
Of course as no good things come easy, the catch was that each suitor would have to answer three vexing riddles and anyone who failed wound up would have his head on a stake. Simply to get a shot at Turandot, men act on their passion. Turandot also features the most famous number in opera, the soaring tenor aria ‘Nessun Dorma’.
Conductor: Paolo Carignani
Production: Franco Zeffirelli
Cast: Nina Stemme, Anita Hartig, Marco Berti & Alexander Tsymbalyuk