Tree plantation drive – Kalyan


The mindless exploitation of natural resources by mankind has imperiled the existence of the planet itself.
Increasing pollution, our poisoned rivers, an unstable ocean, the melting glaciers are all aggravated by human thoughtlessness.

Tree plantation is a harbinger of prosperity.

The importance of trees in
1. purifying the air
2. reducing global warming
3. preventing soil erosion
4. conservation of water
5. maintaining the ecological balance
6. providing natural resources as medicines

7. habitats for faunal species
8. providing nutrients to the soil etc. is well known

Unfortunately, the
overall green cover, not just in Kalyan but in other parts of the country is reducing and as a consequence,
pollution is increasing at an alarming rate.

Rapid constructions and mushrooming housing colonies have led to depletion of the green cover in many
parts of this city.

Increasing the green cover by tree plantation is one of the easiest yet effective measures towards reducing this imbalance.

So Forest Department has chalked out a plan to increase green cover in Maharashtra by getting planted atleast 2 crore plants this rainy season.

Motivated by this event and keeping in mind benefits of Tree Planation Mr. Narendra Pawar have decided to implement this drive in Kalyan as well.
Our target is to plant atleast 1 Lakhs plants in Kalyan.
This will increase green cover by a significant count

This is a good initiative and we appeal people to join the campaign by planting more and more trees

Date : 1st July 2016
Venue : Kalyan

Event Co-ordinators :
Rahul Trivedi – (M) 8652097600

Please feel free to contact us for any of your queries related to this drive