Thought For Drought – The Little Door

Thought For Drought, The Little Door, Enchanted Valley Carnival,
After an extended period of deficient rainfall that has caused one of the worst droughts & severely affected over 15,000 + villages in the state of Maharashtra this year, EVC has initiated a relief measure program to contribute to the on-going crisis. Coming together with the Indian Music Fraternity, a series of charity gigs has been planned to heal with the power of music.

The objective is to bring together as many resources to directly provide basic necessities like water & food to reach out to farmers & villagers in the interiors of the worst hit parts of the state we reside in. To achieve the goal we have envisioned we have partnered with NAAM Foundation & with the support of YOU, our TRIBE we can attempt to be a drop in the ocean & beam a ray of hope.

Come spare a Thought For Drought ! #SaveTheDrop