Theyyam Saga/ My Sacred Glass Bowl/ Nenmaanikkam (Golden Grain)

In collaboration with the Indian Documentary Producers’ Association (IDPA)
Three short documentary films will be screened this month in NCPA Reality Check.

Theyyam Saga English Film (18 mins)
Theyyam, a vivid expression of rebellion and exclusively performed by the Dalits, has its bi birth from the northern parts of Kerala in Kannur and Kasargod districts. This ritual art is an expression of the struggle against the problems rooted in patriarchal hegemony and caste system that still plague our country.
Directed by Vaibhav Jadhav

My Sacred Glass Bowl Hindi Film with English subtitles (25 mins)
My Sacred Glass Bowl looks at the concept of chastity as it is perceived by contrasting communities, from the vantage point of the film-maker, sandwiched between two mothers bringing up their daughters in contemporary times. The film is a document of how women made their sexual choices in the generation that just passed by.
Directed by Priya Thuvassery

Nenmaanikkam (Golden Grain) Malyalam Film with English subtitles (28 mins)
The film discusses the contrasting pictures of the past and the present state of Mundakan paddy fields in Kerala. It depicts two characters: Chingan Pulayan, a 94-year-old peasant, and a scarecrow, which is his alter ego. Despite his physical weakness Chingan Pulayan has not lost his passion for farming; he follows the same time-table that he has been following for more than six decades. The topography of paddy fields change before Chingan’s eyes. In the name of development the land-mafia pierces the heart of the landscape and cuts it into pieces. Chingan sees all these with shock and dismay.
Directed by M. Venukumar

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm.