Theatre of Oppressed : Tools for change


Fees : 1500/-
Duration : 4 hours per day.

The Theatre of the Oppressed was established in the early 1970s by Brazilian director and Workers’ Party (PT) activist Augusto Boal.
This is a participatory theater that fosters democratic and cooperative forms of interaction among participants. It is a rehearsal theatre designed for people who want to learn ways of fighting back against oppression in their daily lives.
The participants perform a Forum Theatre for a group of spectators as a culmination. This form of performance is called “spect-actor’ format. Here, the audience at a point in the performance becomes the “actor”, as guided by the facilitator. Another technique under the umbrella of Theater of Oppressed is “Image Theatre”. Image Theatre includes a variety of techniques designed to develop individual skills of observation and cooperative group interaction. The workshop will flow from techniques and games employed in a TO session, to Image Theatre, identifying oppression in and around our everyday lives, expressing it through techniques of TO, finally moving towards an action — creating a ” Forum Theater” for an audience.
Chetnaa is an Image Expression Artist, a Drama Based Learning facilitator, a TO (Theater of Oppressed) practitioner, Playback Theater practitioner, and a Dance Movement Therapy practitioner.

Chetnaa has evolved innovative approach towards in-classroom training at Corporations and Educational Institutes. She has introduced Drama Based Learning facilitation, Narrative Storytelling with Movement, Image & Forum Theater, Psychodrama, thereby making learning a “doing phase”, rather just a lecture platform.
Economics Times has covered her innovative approach to experiential learning for ET case studies suite:,