The Vitthal: “Essence of Stability” by Milind Gokhale


The creator of Migo Linear Vibes © – Milind Gokhale has conceptualised and conceived a piece of art expressing his beliefs concerning spirituality, at the Bopodi Entry Point, Near Old Mumbai Highway. It focuses on the Self-Realization of the Supreme-Self.

The idea behind the art-installation is to depict transcendence of present emotional conflict and not Escapism.

There is an inauguration ceremony of this wonderful art on this Wednesday. The motive of the event is for people to come, witness and get immersed in Milind Gokhale’s realizations.

The purpose of this art-installation is for all and especially for the present young generation. In the absence of right direction, this young generation is getting carried away. Milind is confident that this installation becomes a fulcrum for the positive change.

In the process of taking the masses towards stability, this piece of art-installation has been entitled “The Vitthal: Essence of Stability”

The total piece of art is expressed in geometric dimensions known as “Bhumiti” for everyone to absorb the need for stability easily.

One’s mind by nature is fickle and restless. To stabilize your mind, if one observes and perceives this geometric figure
“The Vitthal – Essence of Stability”, one automatically feels stabilized. This is Milind Gokhale’s incarnation.

As we know, the Sun is always there without being aware of causing Day & Night for people on Earth. Day and Night is a man-made conception. The Sun is beyond all such conception. Similarly, the Supreme-Self is beyond all conceptions of concealing and revealing Himself. He is pure “Essence” beyond the conception of time – past, present or future.

This piece of art-installation of “The Vitthal – Essence of Stability” will cause vibrations within the onlooker that would cause the positive change.

About the artist: Milind Gokhale:

Milind Gokhale is a GD Applied Art (Commercial) graduate from BKPS, Pune. Before venturing into space design he had established his foothold in the field of Advertising. His passion for art has helped in transforming a small firm called “Designa” started three decades ago into a multidisciplinary design studio churning out admirable works of Art & Design. His ever-exploring and creative insight led to the birth of a new unique design style – Migo Linear Vibes © . This style was keenly appreciated by President of India resulting in a personal invitation to display his Linear Vibes Art and also a personal invitation to France, the center of collection of art, where his art was appreciated and thereafter it has travelled to 36 countries.