The Tame Goose Chase – Bandra


Ever wanted to be Batman or Sherlock Holmes, but your love for food held you back?

Ever wanted to go out and explore out of the same old food being served at home ?

Here is your chance to change all that!

The Tame goose chase is filled with puzzles and will test your detective skills and clue solving skills. And of course there’s food!

Consumer Pathway:

1. Book tickets on (

2. Reach Out of the Blue for registration at 2pm on 5th of June 2016.

3. Collect the map and clues during registration. You get gratified at Outlet 1 for being a part of this. ( We like you guys)

4. Solve a clue before you reach outlet 2. As it’s a tame goose chase everything is in order!

5. Show the solution at the second outlet. Claim the treat at outlet 2.

6. Repeat process 4 and 5. Till you finish all 10 outlets.

7. Finish the clues the fastest and you stand a chance to win something.

As it’s a tame goose chase everything is in order! You get to explore 10 places in Bandra, solve clues and show off your skills to your friends. Each clue solved, gets you a delectable treat. Instant gratification! Be the fastest to solve all of them and you stand a chance to win something big.

Each ticket entitles you entry as well as various treats. Show up at registrations at 2 pm and you will get a kitbag with goodies and clues and then you’re good to go.

Get tickets here:

You can contact us at 022-65035055 or write to us at.

The first outlet is Out of the Blue. The last one is the Wok Express. The other outlets are in the discussion.