The Other Side of Manto


Katha Kathan is an initiative of Jameel Gulrays to revive, preserve and reintroduce Indian language literature to Gen X Y and Z. As the name suggests, Katha Kathan aims to break the walls between language and literature by getting them closer to each other through narrations and dialogue.
The need to do so seems urgent and imperative as more and more Indians start giving up studying their mother tongue, it is but a matter of time when most will not be able to read or write in any of the Indian languages. Given that as Indians, we still do speak our mother tongue at home, these generations will however still understand the language. One way to reintroduce and rejuvenate languages and motivate the younger generations to want to learn them is to introduce them to the stories and poems and philosophy in original form, by narrating the literature and ensuring it reaches them through media they consume.

For confirming your attendance and collecting the complimentary passes, please contact:
Shubhangi Chaturvedi 09619821154
Anuja Rorane 07715812369