The Leftovers: HOMOS ODYSSEY


Nick Pillow and Navin Noronha are going to help you expeirnece glancing out of the closet. Yes this is the life to live outside the ominous closet.
Being gay in India is undoubtedly a challenge and these men know exactly what it feels like. They have taken their material all over the country and are now ready to touch base in Mumbai. Literally.

This is going to be India’s first LGBT-themed comedy special and it’s going to get down and dirty.

Come for this sixth comedy show in the series of month-long curated stand-up called The Leftovers, programmed and produced by Culture Shoq and hosted at The HIVE.

Door – Rs.250

About Culture Shoq:
Culture Shoq is an alternative entertainment company that has been curating and creating alternative entertainment experiences since 2009. Whether it is stand-up or improv comedy, spoken word poetry, indie music, hip hop or even magic – Culture Shoq has pursued the development of a variety of entertainment formats for artists and audience members to engage in.