The Influence of the Flora and Fauna, on the Nritta Karanas of the Natyashastra

Dr. JAYASHREE RAJAGOPALAN hails from an illustrious family of artistes who have been preserving the traditional arts for the past four generations. She has established herself as the spokeswoman of her Guru’s unique style. Jayashree is going to talk about the 108 Karanas of the Natyasashtra owe a lot to the animal inspirers both through the visionary perception resulting in the imitation or Anukarana of the obvious physical form and the sensory perception raising it to a level of glorification or Anukirtana, a subjective experience of the spirit behind the movement. Among the 108 Karanas , 20 Karanas are Anukarana of birds and animals. Embellished with the subtle nuances called Rechakas, the Karanas become units of balanced, symmetrical flow of body movements that can be integrated into just non-representative Nritta in Angaharas or narrative Vakyartha Abhinaya to depict stories and events.

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