Talamasca LIVE in Mumbai!


Date : 10 July, 2016 (Sunday).
Venue : Club Royalty.

TALAMASCA (France) :
Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, who began djing under the name Lestat back in 1992. In 1996, he decided to make his own project, which saw its first releases on an Israeli label called “krembo records”, Talamasca was born. With the big success of his music, Talamasca was suddenly playing much more live acts than dj sets and began to be considered as one of the leaders of the international trance scene. In 1998 he had a hand in the creation of 3D Vision, which quickly became one of the leading psytrance labels. Later on he started his own label Mind Control Records, but after a few years he finally found his home at belgian label Dacru records (
In his discography we find an impressive list of remixes, eps, compilation releases and no less than 10 full albums!


Tone Benders are the israeli dou Aviv Gindin and Yosi Avneri.
After a huge Success with their personal projects they aim to deliver the best quality and refreshing Psy Trance music around.
With Crystal clear and clean Sounds and sharp drops – Tone Benders are quaking every dance floor.

Fibre Stomp is a waveform in disguise of a human named ‘Brian Fernandes’ from India.Born in Goa,but is a pukka bombay breed since he has lived there in this new age version of middle earth.Fibre Stomp project started in 2004 amidst very normal circumstances.No story behind it ,nothing,,Just like it was meant to be . The ‘Fibre Stomp’ project borders on more full on and powerful sounds with hints of melodious psychedelic Melodrama.Totally Dancefloor,Totally Postive ,Totally Ripper.Fibre Stomp dreams of a world which represents a dancefloor. No Color Wars,No Ego,No Religious Jargon.Just stomp stomp and more stomp to the universal signals of soundwaves.Fibre Stomp – Healthy Music for Healthy minds.He and runs his own label Digital Distortion Recs aka D.D.R .

Record label : Dimensional Records
Dj/Producer Junky Monkey started his evolution and altering others mind through his music in the year 2009. as playing underground music with sharp sounds and tight kicks and round bassline making a cutting edge experience for audience and offering a synthetic spiritual experience.

ELYSIUM (India) :
Elysium is a project of Deepu Dornal. He has been playing some groovy full on music and burns the dance floor through his groovy vibes.

Ticketing details to be out soon….
Till then stay tuned….

CONTACT : 7045464487 , 9167061645.