SPOTLIGHT with Devashish Makhija


The Fourth Wall presents this month’s spotlight with Devashish Makhija. We will be screening 4 of his short films, followed by a Q&A.

Door Rs.150

RAHIM MURGE PE MAT RO – starring Piyush Mishra
An autobiography of a rooster and his death by halaal, recounted by him, from beyond the grave.

EL’AYICHI – starring Nimrat Kaur and Divyendu Sharma
A clingy husband.
An irritated wife.
A fossilized dodo.
And love, way past its ‘expiry’ date.

AGLI BAAR – starring Rasika Duggal, Trimala Adhikari and Abhishek Baneerjee.
Today, the slumdwellers have managed to stall the illegal demolition of their shanties.
Tomorrow, they must take their non-violent fight for justice to the high court.
Tonight, someone is making sure that never happens, one deathly scream at a time.

TAANDAV – starring Manoj Bajpai
Head constable Tambe isn’t having the best of days.
His wife slams doors in his face.
His little daughter won’t speak to him.
His only friends, havaldaars Sawant and Shilwant, feel cheated by him.
And to make matters worse, he’s been given nightlong Ganpati visarjan bandobast duty.
The lights are blinding.
The drums are deafening.
His senses are being attacked from every which way.
Every screaming face seems to be mocking him tonight.

His blood…
to a…
Until he snaps, plunges into the crowd, pulls his gun out, and as jaws drop around him…
he unleashes a TAANDAV!

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