Today is her seventeenth straight day without sleep.

She is.

She is that woman .Wife of that dentist, mother of that eager eyed little boy. She’s familiar. You might know her. You may have seen her in the supermarket or some sunny morning maybe waving goodbye to her husband and son or at the neighbourhood pool maybe. But there’s something there. She can’t sleep anymore. Not for one second. In terms of everyday reality, there’s nothing wrong with her. She just can’t sleep. Her husband , her son , they have not noticed a thing. So on the surface life goes on.. peaceful , routine .But this not sleeping is bringing about other awakenings, another awareness , more eyes . A gaze that is now unblinkingly looking at herself, into her reality, at all the playersand the play inside of that reality. Her unspoken internal contracts. All that her gaze had merely gleaned over lazily earlier. All of that her non sleeping self-collides with now.

Performed by Shiba Chadda

Timing- 6 30pm
Ticket price-250/-