Silencio featuring Lehar and Audioglitch at Kitty Su Mumbai on July 14 Thursday

AUDIO GLITCH are Pratik Umrigar and Chaitanya Gaikwad, a young & energetic duo that hail from Pune. They met each other a few years back and their similar taste in music nurtured a strong bond of friendship. In an attempt to explore their love for music, the boys decided to create their own home studio & work space with a dream to get into music production. In this way, Maachi & CG (as they are popularly known) have spent a good number of years familiarising themselves with the latest in music technology. Armed with the technical know how, Audio Glitch came into existence in the beginning of 2010. Hugely comfortable with their vast knowledge of tech house, their sound is dominated by bass heavy grooves, crunchy snares and straight up dark, clipped beats which bind you to the dance floor and keep you bouncing for hours.
Since their inception, they have acquired fast growing success in the country; having played at some great venues such as Euriska (Pune), Bardo (Goa), Cirrus (Goa) Aurus (Mumbai), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Swig (Pune), Stone Water Grill (Pune) and have recently performed at some of the big scale events such as Reset India (Pune), Opening Act for Whyt Noyz (By The Pier 2.0 – After Party) & the Silent Party stage at The Lost Party.
Their drive for music has now inspired them to venture into the “live” space where they are aiming to master the art of abelton; something that is definitely keeping them on their toes. “We like to twist the minds of our audience with our dark, minimal beats but not enough to take away the groove” Having made a strong mark as one of the most innovative duos in the electronic music scene in India; Audio Glitch definitely bring forth a fresh take to the tech house / techno genres.

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