Shark & Ink Showcase Ft. SHER & Shivai


The Daily Bar & Kitchen Presents:
Shark & Ink Showcase featuring SHER & Shivai!

SHER (Rage Entertainment):
SHER is Satya Hanspal’s Music Production and DJ project. After having graduated as a Product Designer, he soon realised that the “Product” that he really wanted to make was Music, he then went on to study Music Production and Sound Engineering at the London School of Sound. Not believing in “Genres”, he tries to create, and enjoys listening to, all sorts of music – Everything!

Shivai is a 24 year old performing artist who’s forte is a combination of live beatboxing and looping. In addition to that, his act comprises of sampling, live guitars, synth effects and vocal effects.
He has to his credit, various performances at prestigious clubs and private events across India where his work has been highly appreciated and very well received for his singularity and avante-garde style. He plays a wide set of genres ranging from Downtempo to Glitch, Dub and Techno.

Entry Free.

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