Shakespeare for Dummies


Ticket: Rs.500/-

Walk and talk your way through Shakespeare to discover the world’s greatest entertainer in an immersive workshop experience. Shakespeare didn’t just invent over 1700 commonly used words like addiction or advertising or bump. He also talked about the human condition in plays and poems that will bring you up close to the grand themes of life: love, revenge, hope, lust, fear, and victory like never before. His universe is ageless and infinite and endlessly contradictory just like the world you live in.

This workshop takes you on a quick, interactive spin using word games, videos and read-alouds to help you understand the mystery that was Shakespeare. After all William Shakespeare isn’t just the father of English literature; he is also the inspiration behind many film scripts, theatre adaptations, and countless pop culture references. Learn how and why a genius could break all the rules of his time to become timeless.

Karishma Attari is a storyteller who is excited by how the magic of narrative beguiles every person in his or her own way. She is the author of I SEE YOU and DON’T LOOK DOWN. She runs The Super Readers Club, a reading program that encourages children in Mumbai to discover the book lover that lurks within and Shakesepare For Dummies, and Storytell Like Shakespeare a workshop series for everyday adults. A published poet, Karishma also reviews books for national dailies and magazines. With a background in theatre, APP development magazine editing, scripting and copywriting, Karishma loves communicating big ideas through different mediums big and small.

This workshop celebrates the genius of William Shakespeare as part of his 400th death centenary adulation. #Shakespeare400. It is also part of the #HiveCommunityFestival series of events. Full deets and schedule here: