SangyPong: Sangria Pong


Sangria is about to get sangreal! Introducing SangyPong! Beerpong with a touch of fancy. You’ll be bouncing balls and shooting sangria in this wonderful beerpong revamp. All the classic rustic fun with an all new taste.

A ticket allows Two people to participate and drink as much Turning Point Sangria till you lose. This is a direct knockout tournament. After losing each team player will receive a pint of turning point sangria to consume at the venue.

Only 64 teams can participate, so grab tickets now:

Ticket also includes a Shared roll from Please Don’t Tell – PDT Mumbai and all the sangria you will drink while playing SangyPong. Also merchendise from Russsh, the delivery people.

You can contact us at 022-65035055 or write to us at