Rashid Khan, Bengaluru

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Rashid Khan (vocal) with Nagesh Adgaonkar (vocal)
supported by
Murad Ali Khan (sarangi)
Ajay Joglekar (harmonium)
Shubhankar Banerjee (tabla)

Hindustani music, also known as North Indian music, finds expression through various genres, each having an idiom, character and aesthetics of its own. Khayal is one of the widely practiced genres today, and the gharana-s (schools) associated with it are identified by their distinct styles resulting from specialisation with respect to the voice production and specific techniques used for unfolding raga.
Rashid Khan and his disciple Nagesh Adgaonkar represent Rampur-Sahaswan gharana, in which the musical expression is also influenced by string instruments like rudravina and sursingar. The gharana treasures some exquisite compositions of chhota khayal and tarana composed by its legendary practitioners, which have also been adopted by performers of other gharana-s. The exploration of raga in this style shows considerable emphasis on taan-s (fast melodic runs).
The duo will present, individually and together, compositions created and immortalised by the stalwarts of Rampur-Sahaswan gharana. They will present bada khayal, chhota khayal and tarana in a style marked by open-throated voice, varied types of taan-s and appealing timbre dynamics.