Curated and presented by Thomas Waugh, Concordia University, Queer Media Database Canada Quebec.

The Archive: History, Memory, the Past. (10 min.)
* A Chairy Tale, Norman McLaren and Claude Jutra, 1957: A pixilated parable of relationships from the era of our own 377, by our two founding queens.

Activism: Out of the Closet and Into the Streets
* Hookers on Davie [excerpt, 5 min.] Janis Cole and Holly Dale, 1984. A groundbreaking documentary on sexwork and its gender spectrum.
* You Can’t Beat It out of Us, Ronit Bezalel, 1992. Montreal: police vs. homos, digital camera vs. nightsticks.
Cluster 3: The Erotic and the Political (21 min.)

In Black & White, Michael McGarry, 1979. Love has pitched his mansion in the place of excrement.
* Two/Doh – Michelle Mohabeer, 1996. The visual poetry of desire,
* Hi I’m Steve, Robert Kennedy, 1999. A fishy comedy.

* Rex vs. Singh, Ali Kazimi, John Greyson and Richard Fung, 2009, 29 min. Racism and sodomy: Vancouver 1913, 3 views into the archives.

Thomas Waugh
Concordia University Research Chair in Sexual Representation and in Documentary
Prof. Film Studies; Coordinator Program in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality
Director Concordia HIV/AIDS Project
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