Prabhakar Pachpute – no, it wasn’t the locust cloud.


Ranging from a series of interviews, lectures and screenings, this event aims to introduce the work of Prabhakar Pachpute in a wider art-historical perspective, while, at the same time, inserting his practice within the idea of site-specificity and its relation to the museum and art institutions in general as sites of experiences.
4pm Welcome words by Manisha Patil (Professor of Art History and former dean, Sir JJ School of Art, curator, member of the NGMA Advisory Committee) and the curators.

4.10pm Introduction and screening of the film Cave of forgotten dreams (Werner Herzog, 2010, 89 minutes), presented by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai.

6pm – 6.30pm Nalini Malani (artist, Mumbai) and Johan Pijnappel (curator and art historian specialised in video art, Mumbai): from ‘proto-cinema’ to ‘expanded cinema’.

6.30pm – 7pm Manjiri Thakoor (art historian specialized in rock-cut temples, Deputy Curator NGMA, Mumbai) on the narrative character of Ajanta Cave paintings.

7pm – 8pm Dinner on NGMA terrace (first floor)

8pm – 8.30pm Luca Cerizza (art historian and curator, Berlin/Mumbai) on the historic legacy of site-specificity, art and its relation to architectural contexts.

8.30pm – 9pm Zasha Colah (curator, Mumbai) in conversation with Prabhakar Pachpute (artist, Mumbai).