Poetry Tuesday 59 – Close Quarters in the Rains!


June 2016 has been phenomenal when it comes to beginnings! Not only did we complete 5 calendar years, we started with:
1 – Illustrated poems for those who read on theme at PTs.
2 – PT Specials! These are really special because they get the best poets from outside and within PT to present pure awesomeness in front of people! This time, it was the ever amazing Ramneek Singh, the lady on fire Anu Elizabeth Roche and PT cha mulga Yashwant Sahebrao Didwagh!

Not only that, but we are also planning an Anthology of poems and a series of workshops to get people to writing better! We will be announcing a lot of things around this, very soon!

Ok, ok. Getting back to PT! Madhavi Kerkar Kharote suggested the topic Close Quarters! And Shalin Choksi of Radio City Freedom suggested we do something on the rains. Hence, we are doing Close Quarters in the Rains! Yay!

Interpret it as you like. Write a poem in any language, any style! And since we are super close to the date of the PT, help us spread the word like you so graciously, always do 🙂

As always, the theme is not compulsory and you may read on any topic, as long as the work is your own.

As you can see in our pictures, we have tied up with DNA India as our official media partner and Radio City Freedom as our official online radio partner. A lot of people who come for PTs, end up recording with Radio City Freedom as well!

Poetry Tuesdays is a gathering of writers, poets, musicians, artists from around the city, who bring in their original works to recite/show to a receptive audience.

Like every time, you can write on anything you wish, in any language! English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati, Telugu, Kashmiri, Urdu, French, Zulu, Tagalog, whichever! Keep your excuses in the office and just come!

You will see a lot of PT poets on The Poetry Affair of India, a Youtube channel we started when we completed 4 years! But don’t worry, this is not only for the PT regulars! You are welcome to feature on it too! Check us out on Youtube!

After a lot of PTs at places from Starbucks to local Cafes to the awesome place that was One Stop Music – India, we are back at Café Verve! The awesome food, the lights and the whirrrr of the coffee machine 😀

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See you on the 5th!