Play:The Darkroom Project – An Experimental Storytelling


Show Date- 9th July,2016
Timing: 6pm and 8 15pm
Ticket price- 300/-

The Darkroom Project – Multilingual play Designed & Directed by Tushar T. Dalvi.

Rangaai Theatre Company presents a unique variant of experimental theatre; that touches upon 1930’s Theatre of Cruelty and Surrealism along with elements that harness the senses of audience to make them encounter the unexpressed emotions of the subconscious.
The Darkroom Project is our brave attempt at bringing to light the traumatic state of mind, loss and indignation of mankind through a series of five short stories. The name of the performance hints at the treatment given to these stories. Darkroom essentially refers to the process of developing photographic films onto light sensitive photographic paper through various techniques such as dodging and burning. This is carried out in the aid of red light also known as safe light.
In order to conceptualize this process, The Darkroom Project takes the form of Blackbox intimate theatre wherein each step is amplified dynamically. The stories being performed are considered as photographic films; Audience’s psyche is the Photographic paper; while the performance itself is the Projection created by performers, singers, musicians, make-up and lights, sound and smell. All these facets lend the art of story telling a distinctive twist.
1. Durga Poojo – A True Story- Anonymous
2. Khol Do (1952) – Saadat Hasan Manto
3. Lihaaf (1941) – Ismat Chughtai
4. Kafan (1936) – Munshi Premchand
5. The Little Match-Girl (1846) – Hans Christian Andersen
Coincidently, these five stories draw a common pattern of despondency and subjugation faced by women across centuries. The Darkroom project uses ideas such as Shadow Theatre, Life size puppetry, electronic noise, sounds, smell, and live singing to evoke Theatre of Cruelty and engage audience in real time. It merges classics such as Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D major, Sant Kabir’s “Maya, maha thagini hum jaani…” and Bengali Lullaby Suryimama Namlo Pate” by Sri Ananda Mukhopadhyay, with its modern tryst of absurdity; giving the performance a holistic sense of reality running parallel to collective sub consciousness.