Play:Manto ka Deewanapan


Show Date-25th May,2016
Timing- 6pm
Ticket price-200/-

Mujeeb Khan

Vijay Badlani, Rozlyn Khan, Yuktarh Shrivastav, Anand Jaiswal, Lokesh Nalva, Vandna Asthana

The original name of ‘Sugandhi’ is ‘Hatak’ (The Insult) as yet another story about the degradation of women. They would go for the nearest baton, if a cleaver could not be found, to bash the head of a society intent on sending its womenfolk to eke out a living by selling their charms and the physical repository of those charms. They would not fail to stick a feather in Manto’s cap for exposing this crass injustice. And they would also dig up a motive for his doing this: infinite compassion for the downtrodden, disenfranchised female of the South Asian subcontinent.

Toba Tek Singh:

Named after a district of Punjab, this short story
, one of the best by Manto, is a satirical take on the effects of partition on the common people. That partition was simply a political massacre that ravished the lives of millions was never told in any more poignant way instilled with a dose of humor. The last line of the story where the inmate of mental asylum makes the no-man’s land as his divine abode is indeed much thought provoking and undoubtedly one of the best endings in Indian English Literature.