Play:Manto ka Deewanapan (Mantos plays ‘Jeb Katra & Machis ki Dibiya’)


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Mujeeb Khan
Vijay Badlani, Rozlyn Khan, Yuktarh Shrivastav, Anand Jaiswal, Lokesh Nalva, Vandna Asthana
Jeb Katra:

A pickpocket victimizes a woman. But after knowing her life condition through a letter inside her purse, he decides to return her belongings out of guilt. His act develops a bond between the two. But will the petty criminal ever get rid of his habit of stealing?
The plays can boast of being perfect in various departments. Manto’s story is moving and is narrated richly with impressive dialogues that instantly make you feel for both the characters. Some soulful music also plays a positive part. An unexpected startling moment in the climax too adds to the effect.
It is a light romantic comedy about how a guy and a girl meet and fall in love after meeting under unexpected and unusual circumstances.

Machiz Ki Dibiya:

On paper, ‘Machis Ki Dibiya’ appears like a typical boy-meets-girl saga but it surely doesn’t appear like one when seen on stage. This was possible due to a creative, smooth flowing narration where the love angle emerges naturally. The narrative surely consist filmi instances but they cannot be labelled cliched due to their cuteness. The conversation between the protagonist and his friend deserves special mention for being hilarious yet simple. But amidst the romance, the story also has an undercurrent of poverty and loneliness in the city that never sleeps.
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