Play:Atke Bhatke Latke Sur 1 – Zenobia Mansion


Show Date-3rd July,2016
Timing- 5pm
Ticket price-300/-

Ashok Mishra
Ashok Mishra
Preeta Mathur Thakur
Zenobia Mansion, one of the older denizens of this city of dreams is now home to Classical singer Susupta Gupta, a new-comer to the city. Though a trained and experienced classical singer, things are not easy here and after many mishaps Susupta has managed to land her first dream concert. Her future now depends on this concert and in this sweltering heat she has planned a rendition of the raag, ‘Megh Malhar’, a faultless rendition of which can even bring on a downpour. As Susupta struggles to prepare for this most prestigious concert, the disturbances and distractions presented by the inhabitants of Zenobia Mansion threaten to completely overwhelm her and derail her perfect performance. As each passing day of non-rehearsal steps up her anxiety, the day of the concert, her one great opportunity is drawing near and Suspta is unprepared.