Personal Consultations for Your Image, Style and Diet


#ValueAddImageConsultancy have arranged 30 minutes one-on-one consultation which covers:

Evaluation of your Face Shape & Body shape and make you understand which styles flatter you and why, so you can select clothes and accessories that enhances your image.

– Advice for Your Face Shape will include accessories, hairstyles, collars and eyewear.
– Advice for Your Body Shape will cover clothing styles, color, fabrcis and patterns
– Tips for healthy living – covers diet/nutrition & weight loss consultation.

About Consultants :

Neetu Banthia, Founder and Owner of #ValueAddimageConsultancy, is a Certified Image Consultant from ICBI, Mumbai and has studied techniques based on the curriculum designed by USA based world renowned Image Consultant #JudithRasband.

Meenaal Kothari is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor from Leena Mogre Institute, Mumbai.
She is also a Certiified Dietician from Tulips International Institute, Mumbai with 15 years of work experience in fitness and weight loss programs.

Investment – Rs 1500/- only

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