Performance Poetry workshop by Rochelle Dsilva


This is a two-day performance poetry workshop aimed at teaching you how to write for the stage whether through visual techniques or writing exercises. There are group exercises and individual exercises that are tailored to meet your specific needs. We will also discuss how to edit and perform a spoken word poem.

Day One will cover writing and editing exercises.
Day Two will teach you breathing and movement exercises to prepare you for the stage.

What you will learn –
– Breathing exercises
– Writing exercises
– Visual techniques
– Help to edit your poem
– How to perform for an audience

Workshop timings:
Day One – 11June – 11am – 4pm
Day Two – 12June – 10am – 1pm

Cost of the two-day workshop is Rs 1600/-

There are ONLY 20 slots.

About the curator –

Rochelle is a page/performance poet who writes about her travels, cultural influences and personal experiences. She has won an Encouragement Award at the coveted Doris Leadbetter Poetry Cup and represented Melbourne spoken word since 2011. She has published an anthology titled ‘A Converseation in Four Parts’ in collaboration with 3 other poets. She has featured at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Feb 2016 and judged various college fests like Mood Indigo 2014, Malhar 2015 and Zenith 2015. She holds poetry workshops and curates a monthly poetry open mic in Mumbai called ‘Words Tell Stories’.