Pajamas are the New In !


Hey Fellas,

Wanna Welcome Rains? Wanna Party? Don’t Wanna Dress Up?

We have the answers for all the questions.

Enthusia presents to you a new style of party which is the PAJAMA STYLE.
Lets go OLD SCHOOL with the very famous Hip Hop tracks from the early 2000’s incorporated with Trap, Bigroom, Dubstep and a *Surprise Genre*.
Our days right?????
So now when we are back to the Old Days there is something Major Missing


Here they are :
Drunken Snake and Ladders,
Flip the cup,
and many more memories!

What does it take to hop in????
Just give us a call to reserve your name on the guest list (couples preferred) and Dont Forget To Wear Your Night Dress!!!

Call on 9920735318 – Gaurang or
8454821469 – Kasim for tables and guest list
OR just simply put your name in the comments with
+(the number of people)

Many Many more Activities and attractions to be announced!

Because dacing in your own feel and comfort is our mission!

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