Orbs&Zen + Keylow at MasalaBar!


Orbs & Zen also featuring DJ Keylow at Masala_Bar !
July 7 | Thursday Night
For Details Call : +91 8451900257/58

Who’s Orbs & who’s Zen is a question we get asked a lot – A wave is a particle is a wave, atomically speaking. But basically we’re both orbs and we’re both zen. But sometimes he’s one and I’m the other. Regarding the idea behind it, Orbs are free-flowing, but mysterious bundles of energy. We like the general idea of being energy beings, sharing that with people through the music we play.
And it’s the whole dual nature thing, Orbs as energy and Zen as a meditativeness. But they can both mix in the form of dance 🙂
Musically speaking, we love the deep. And the groovy. And a bit of disco. Just a whole lot of fun generally. Rather than stick to a genre, we trust what sounds good to our ears – so you might hear some indie dance, dub or eclectic jazzy shizz at one of our gigs