Open Studio | Binary


Piramal Art Residency announces the Open Studio day of its fourth cycle, on the concept of ‘BINARY’, on the 17th of June, 2016 from 4p.m. onward. The five artists-in-residence- Anni Kumari (Delhi), Anupam Saikia(Assam), Anupama Alias(Kerala), Gagan Bihari Mandal(Odisha), Sachin Tekade(Pune)- will be displaying their ongoing projects, initiated on-site at the Piramal Vaikunth premises.

The artists in this residency come from different parts of our country and thus have varied cultural backgrounds. This has given an interesting blend to the works in this residency, since from varied perspectives they have worked on a common topic. The artists have had different inspirations like city visuals for Anni, North east landscape and socio-political happenings for Anupam, Odissan cultural history and myths for Gagan, atrocities against women for Anupama, while Sachin is much formalistic in his paper cutting practice.
The exhibits at the Open Studio will be accompanied by textual interventions by Snehal Tambulwadikar, the current critic-in-residence.

Visitors are requested to stay back for informal discussions over tea and snacks.