Open Bracket presents, The Origami Master class with Mimansa Vahia


Open Bracket presents, The Origami Master class – with Mimansa Vahia

Level I, July 10, Beginner: 800
Level II, July 24, Intermediate: 1000
Level III, August 7, Advanced: 1200

Origami is the art of folding paper to create forms. Although it is associated with Japanese culture, today it is practiced all over the world. Modern Origami is not just an art form, but is much more; as the principles of Origami are being used extensively in the development of Science and technology, Medical technology, Mathematics, Engineering and Architecture.

So here is your chance to be a pro at Origami with this Origami Master class conducted by a folding expert! The Mater class will be conducted in three parts. The focus of each individual class: Part I, II and III will be as follows:

PART I, July 10 – Beginner Level: This part is for beginners and no prior knowledge is required, just interest and curiosity. In this workshop they will introduce and explain basic folds and terminology, and fold simple models like a butterfly, a tumbling toy, a simple swan among many others.

PART II, July 24 – Intermediate Level: This part is aimed at people who have had some experience of Origami before and can follow instructions. Knowledge of how to fold standard bases like square base/ water bomb base is expected. Among other models, they will also fold the lotus, traditional Japanese crane, an iris flower and many more.

PART III, August 7 – Advanced Level: Part III is for people who have experience and practice of independent folding. Knowledge of standard origami bases like square base/ water bomb base is expected. Additionally, participants are expected to be able to fold quickly, since this level will cover advanced techniques like square twists and swivel folds. The aim of this level is to give the participants enough skill and understanding to set them on a path to quick and independent folding expertise. Some of the models that will be folded in this workshop are the Kawasaki tubular rose, Jun Maekawa’s Rabbit as well as decorative boxes and envelopes.

Participants can choose to attend one, two or all of the three classes. Some basic knowledge about Origami is essential to attend the Intermediate and advance level classes as mentioned above. The necessary material will be provided by us for every class. Though it will be perfect if you can carry your own pair of scissors.

Only limited seats available since we are aiming at one on one interaction with Origami expert. So hurry up and book your ticket!