Nirvak – realm of the unspoken | Nartan Priya ( peacock)

Manipuri by Bimbavati Devi
Nartan Priya ( peacock)
Kathak by Vishal Krishna

Bimbavati Devi is the daughter of legendary Guru Bipin Singh and Kalavati Devi. She was initiated into the world of dance and music at a very tender age. Besides dancing, she has undergone extensive training in Pung (Manipuri Mridang) playing and Thang Ta (Manipuri martial arts). Bimbavati Devi looks into the world of animals from some who have saved the world. Some who are worshiped with the devotees and some are responsible for the down fall of an empire.

Vishal Krishna is the 11th generation of a line of Kathak dancers in the Banaras tradition. Krishna received his first training at the age of 3 from his grandmother Dr. Sitara Devi and later from Pandit Ravi Shanker Mishra. He also received training under his father Mohan Krishna who is a celebrated Kathak dancer. Vishal has performed all over India and received the Shringar Mani Award in 2007. Vishal would be portraying the stories of mayura. Mayura is a Sanskrit word for peacock which is one of the sacred birds of the Hindu mythology. Which serves as a conveyance of the God Kartikeya and God Krishna and is generally depicted with peacock feathers adorning his head.