My Baby Thinks I’m Funny


English Stand Up by Sorabh Pant brings an English Stand up “My Baby Thinks I’m Funny.”
Saturday 4th – 8.00pm
Tata Theatre

Sorabh Pant wanted a dog. His wife wanted a baby. So, they had a baby. And, neither of them have slept ever since.
In his new standup special, Sorabh talks about the wonderful insanity of becoming a father. From the fun stuff like trying to have a baby and the gory stuff like actually having one. Enter a world of burps, poop, farts, weird milk, overpriced clothes, pre-school politics and auditioning nannies. He also breaks down the secret mafia of kids’ toys, finds perversion in nursery rhymes, growing up as a kid in the 80s and 90s and becoming increasingly paranoid as a father in 2016.
Proceeds from this show go straight to Sorabh’s sons pre-school funds. And, maybe college!

Tickets : 750, 600, 375 & 225/-( members) 1000, 800, 500, 300 (Public)
Age : 18 +