Mummy Tu Aavi Kevi

Mummy Tu Aavi Kevi?
The play set in a Gujarati family, is a story of convent school going kids facing embarrassing situations cause of their ‘deshi’ mom. So, children fed up with their traditional mom forces her to change. The ‘transformation’ happens; but do they get the mother they longed for? Or does this modern MOM become even more difficult to handle…?, is the fun to lookout for!
The play directed by Manoj Shah and written by Dhiruben Patel keeps a very matter of fact humorous tone and characters audiences will easily identify with because of their mundane appearance.
The play showcases how the Flipside is aping something at the cost of one’s own identity. Influenced so much by the ‘YO!’ way of life that children today are fast losing their own roots… In an innocent pursuit of keeping up with the very tempting ‘in’ trends of peers the cultural essences are evaporating from their heart and mind. This disconnect sometimes is so much so that children feel ashamed of their own parents!

Director: Manoj Shah | Writer: Dhiruben Patel
Actors: Jay Upadhyay, Rinku Patel, Ishan Doshi, Pratik Kothari, Dimple Ashar, Ankit Bhatt.

Duration: 1hr 45mins with interval