Mixtaped! 076 with MC Manmeet Kaur (Live Hip Hop & DJ Set)


Mixtaped! is a weekly ‘micro’ party conceptualized & curated by Reji. For more than 3 years now, The Den (Bandra, MUMBAI) has been hosting the party on its Wednesday nights. It has been the only night in the country (where besides DJs) established singers, musicians, scenesters & nightlife industrywallahs too get a night to take control of the decks & dish out their favourite music for you in an intimate environment. Every Wednesday night, each handpicked artist would spin a DJ set or prepare a playlist of minimum 2 hours for the evening, as per his/her convenience. The music on each Mixtaped! night gives you a closer perspective in understanding the featured artist’s all time & current favourites, influences, sound and personality.

THIS WEEK:- MC Manmeet Kaur

India’s first female rapper/MC, Manmeet goes by the pseudonym MC Kaur. The name – Kaur, she derives as an ode to her musical origins in the conservative setting of Chandigarh. The city, for a 13 year old Hip Hop enthusiast was restrictive and discouraging. But Manmeet saw this as a challenge worth ‘hustling’ and since she turned 13 has been actively involved in writing and production of rap.

In November 2014, she released her first collaborative album called – Hip Hop Bahu. Highly and entirely derived from her personal life, Kaur intends to break the shackle of some of the worst social stigmas, that more often than not, she herself has had faced in different phases of time and on different lands. Kaur in this album has worked with Hip Hop producers from Germany, Texas, California and India.

Kaur has been traveling since 2 years, busking around, living on the streets and collaborating with other traveling musicians. For the next album, she is recording samples in different cities, villages and forests in order to personalize her sounds combined with observatory concepts. Through this project, Kaur wants to direct the listener’s attention to how monotonous the industry gets and how hype blinds the city people from logic.