Mixed Media Collage Workshop with Trishna Patnaik


Age Group: All age groups are welcome

Fees: Rs 1500 per participant
(inclusive of canvas size 10 inches X 12 inches and art material)

Collage art can really be anything. You can use paper, pastels or even encaustics.You can use rubber stamps that you make yourself or those you find in a store. You can use almost anything you can find, from feathers to paperclips, from nuts and bolts to ribbons and laces, from artificial flowers to artificial beads/ stones, from stencils to paper cuttings, from plastic lids to bottle caps and so on. To give a mix media collage some life a portrait can be added. That portrait is essentially a photograph. Assembly of the things mentioned on a canvas is what makes a mixed media collage.
It works wonderfully as a purpose-art too. Like a collage that captures a special moment (using objects and photographs
relevant to that moment).
"A collage of memories" Or even a collage about something you like.

Come with a shoebox full of memories and make a collage, that is at one level abstract and yet a story. Almost like a scrapbook.
A movie buff could make a Martin Scorsese themed collage. A young mother could make a collage using her child's first booties.

Participate in the Mixed Media Collage Workshop and get your precious memory or random experience sealed!

Things to carry:

You can bring a photograph OR mementos OR visual print cut-outs (if you want something thematic to be created)-Optional

You can also bring any or all of the items mentioned above-Optional

If you don’t bring any of the above, you will be creating an abstract mix media collage.

Take Away: One complete painting which you take back home

For registrations please contact Trishna Patnaik on 9867982075.

Last day for registration is 2 nd July, 2016.

Registrations will be on first come first serve basis.