Ministry of New Open Days


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Grab your laptop and head to Fort where we welcome you to meet, greet and – most importantly – work in our brand new collaborative workspace. All you have to do is come, make yourself comfortable in our creative space, enjoy stunning views of the Maximum City and share a cup of coffee with like-minded people of diverse backgrounds.

Daily additional activities (complimentary):
9:00am Yoga
10:00am Meditation
10:00am & 4:00pm Reflexology (foot massages)
Courtesy of Prisim – The Healing Institute

Are you:
tired of living at Starbucks
bored working from home
searching for inspiration
eager to connect with like-minded individuals
looking to use your time efficiently

Try us out and join our community as a
full-time, part-time, team or guest member at

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Ministry of New
192, 3rd Floor, Kitab Mahal (in front of New Excelsior Cinema), Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Fort