Manasa Charitam – the tale of the Snake Goddess

A unique presentation of a Bengali folk tale on the tribal Goddess Manasa in Kathakali and paintings inspired from the traditional Patachitra paintings of Bengal to be presented by Prabal Gupta, a Performer, Choreographer and a Research Scholar. He is the disciple of the Central Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee and the legendary Kathakali Exponent Guru Sri Sadanam Balakrishnan. Prabal would be portraying the folktale as told in the oral traditions of medieval Bengal while being sung as a Pata gaan. The story describes conflict between a Shiva devotee Chand Sadagar and the tribal Goddess Manasa and her struggle to attain the status of a divinity. Manasa, the goddess of Snakes, is worshipped across religions in Bengal, mainly for the prevention and cure of snakebites.