An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with Sur Entertainment

This cut throat world leaves us with self interest and agendas. Baggage varies from gender, purpose and society. What happens when we decide to take fun more seriously? What happens when we acknowledge that the right to loiter is no more and no less than the right to everyday life in a global city? What happens when men and women get inspired from a book that is written on “women and risk in public spaces”. A lot can happen but it all starts with everything possibility of an imagination. An imagination where our street corners are full of women – chatting, laughing, breast feeding, exchanging corporate notes or planning protest meetings. Imagine footpaths trickling over with old and young women watching the world go by as they sip tea, and discuss love, cricket and the latest blockbuster. Imagine women in sarees, jeans, salwars and skirts sitting at the nukkad reflecting on world politics and dissecting the rising sensex. If one can imagine this, one is imagining a radically different city. And that is the start of imagining a radically altered world.
Written and Directed by Satchit Puranik
Cast: Neha Singh, Satchit Puranik & others.